Sing Sing Ave.A - The Number One Karaoke Bar and Private Rooms in NYC

Sing Sing Ave. A is a fully stocked Karaoke bar and a Karaoke lounge with 14 private party / karaoke rooms.

We offer the best of both worlds. A fully stocked bar with daily happy hour specials, drink specials, and open karaoke, as well as private party rooms for any celebrations and events! Our exciting, up-beat, and fully Japanese inspired karaoke rooms will have you singing all night long!

Thursday - Sunday : 4PM - 4AM
Monday - Wednesday : 6PM - 4AM
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What our customers are saying...

This place is a pillar of the neighborhood, I’ve seen movie stars and singers come in all the time its a real New York experience. The staff is always accommodating and are happy to get to know you and make you feel welcome...

Lucian M.

Very East Village vibe karaoke location. This location is nothing like any other karaoke venues I have ever been to. Saw celebrities there as well. Awesome bartenders, song selections, fairly reasonable drinks! Recommended!

DJ Sarute

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Love this place, the karaoke rooms are cozy, they give you mic covers, they have a good selection of Spanish music which is rare in Manhattan and their drinks are strong enough.

Valeska F.